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As you exercise to improve your physical fitness, watch our scenery DVD of Egypt for virtual travel to some of the most important sites in Egypt. Watch this widescreen DVD from VITA Digital Productions' Virtual Walk Series for a 60-minute walk through 4 different locations in Egypt, as you exercise on your treadmill, elliptical, Nordic Track, or exercise bike. Our scenic Egypt DVD is a perfect companion while you exercise. You will find that your exercise time seems to pass more quickly while you experience virtual travel through Egypt via our beautiful scenery DVD.

Viewing our scenery DVD of Egypt is an ideal way to "visit" Egypt, especially so for those who may not be able to physically travel to Egypt. With international travel becoming more troublesome, this unique virtual tour of Egypt allows the viewer to experience the best of Egypt without leaving home. This scenic Egypt DVD makes "International travel" easy and enjoyable! No bags to pack - no long flights.

Travel to the Giza Plateau, the Temple of Philae, the Temple of Horus, and the bazaar at Khan el Khalili. Just place our scenic Egypt DVD in a DVD player, engage your exercise equipment, and travel through one of the most fascinating countries on Earth as you walk beside the pyramids and through 3 other amazing locations. In addition to viewing our scenic Egypt DVD while you exercise, you may also enjoy viewing the Egypt DVD at times when you are not exercising.

Your virtual walk begins outside Cairo, on the Giza Plateau, near the Pyramids, which are the last remaining of the "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World." Your walk progresses around two sides of the Great Pyramid, which is believed to have been built as the tomb of Khufu, pharaoh during the Fourth Dynasty in Egypt. The Great Pyramid is thought to have taken about 20 years in construction, being completed around 2560 BC. The Great Pyramid is the largest of the remaining pyramids on the Giza Plateau. One of the outstanding features of the Great Pyramid is the Grand Gallery leading to the burial chamber of King Khufu. In both the Gallery and the burial chamber, construction appears to have been planned to minimize the danger of collapse of the overlying structures. On your walk around the Great Pyramid, you will feel that you can almost touch the ancient blocks of stone as you pass by them. You will also pass other visitors and Egyptians on camels.

Your next stop on the 60-minute virtual walk is the Temple of Philae, located on the island of Agilkia in the Nile River. Dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis, this temple would have been submerged from October to July following the construction of the Aswan Dam in 1902 and the heightening of the dam in 1907-12 and 1929-1934. The Temple of Philae would have been visible only from July to October, when the sluice gates were open. In 1960 UNESCO began an international effort to move the Temple of Philae to its present higher elevation on Agilkia, about 500 meters from its original location. The Temple at Philae was a much-visited resort and worship center for the ancient Egyptians.

Next, your virtual walk progresses to Edfu and the Temple of Horus. Of all the temples that still exist in Egypt, the Temple of Horus is the most completely preserved. Your walk thoroughly explores this amazing temple. From the statue of Horus that greets visitors at the entrance, to the well-preserved hieroglyphics that cover the walls, you see this ancient temple "up close and personal."

The last section of this virtual walk takes you back to Cairo and the famous bazaar at Khan el-Khalili. As you make your way through the throng of Egyptian shoppers, you'll experience all the sights and sounds just as if you were actually walking in this timeless marketplace. The Khan el-Khalili dates from 1392 and constitutes one of the main shopping venues in Cairo. Cairo's development is said to have been based on its availability of goods, and Cairo's goods are said to have contributed greatly to the development of trade throughout the region. The Khan el-Khalili supports a number of coffeehouses and restaurants, as well as more-informal venues for food. Your walk through the Khan ends in a quiet side alleyway of the bazaar, where you discover a patient Egyptian mother and her four young children.

A separate bonus chapter with the 11-minute mini-documentary, "Images of Cairo," is also included on the DVD! Accompanied by authentic Arabic music from the Salaam Band, "Images of Cairo" pays homage to the wonderful people of Egypt. This featurette captures a day in the life of the largest city in the Middle East.

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